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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture of the Day - One Year

How time flies! It's been just a little more than a year since we launched the Taiwan Picture of the Day on the FotoZon web site. In one year, a lot of interesting photos have been submitted. Many web sites, blogs and personal pages have put the picture online.

Among the developments over the past year:

  • New Archive Section - I used a fancy "Light Room" javascript and a little programming to automate the menu and daily additions to the archive.
  • FaceBook Applicaion - This was a fun and informative project to create an application on Facebook for users to show off the Taiwan P.O.D. on their profile pages - so far 884 have added the application since it was added to the official directory.
  • Javascript Widget - Personally I like to use this application better than just the picture because the title and description change along with the picture each day. See it on the top of the right side menu on this blog.
  • XML Feed - This was one of the easiest (and earliest) additions. This is a good way to see the new picture each day from the comfort of your Rss reader or email.
  • Flickr Group - Making it easier for Flickr members to submit picture in consideration for the Picture of the Day.
What does the future hold? Well, when I find some spare time from cruising around looking for new contributions and helping decide which picture to select for the day, I have plans to add an application to Google Apps and a few other areas. If you have any ideas on improvements or other ways to further the project - Let me know!