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Friday, September 26, 2008

Old School

Last month in early August, I visited my old school - the University of Washington in Seattle while my wife went shopping in the nearby shopping "village". It was great fun to stroll down memory lane and see all the changes and the classic old building that remain the same.

They are remodeling my old hall of economics.

Now - Why didn't they have that sign there
when I was going to school!?!

Classic old Denny Hall built in 1895 is the oldest university
building in Washington State.

Brand new William H. Gates Hall. named for not Bill Gates Jr. -
founder of Microsoft, but for his father class of 1950.

I expected a School of Computer Science...

Ah, the incoming freshmen take a tour of their new school.

A wedding party tours the campus to take some photos.

East of the University is a beautiful neighborhood with great
views and parks. These red scaly barked trees are native "Madronas".

A fancy house.. I imagine it belongs to a professor or someone.
Probably at least a million bucks right now.

Down the hill is a view of the "Sea Fair" on Lake Washington.
This neighborhood is pretty far from the action, but the Blue
Angel navy jets flying overhead were pretty cool.

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