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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Review

Rainy Day at Guard BoothAnother year in the bag and its been an eventful one! I suppose the obvious thing is to list all the accomplishments and events for the year. However, first I will dedicate this post to our trusty guard man - Mr. Jhang - in the picture in the left. He'll be "forced" into retirement at the end of this year because the building we live in wants to go with a youth movement - like under 55 years old! His hobby is studying English so he would be sure to quiz me every time I went outside. We spent some quality time last night on his very last night shift while he was showing me a long letter he wrote to presidential hopeful Ma-Ying-Jeou. He's also the one who introduced us to our apartment here in Yuanlin. I nick-named him "Mr. Clean" because he was always cleaning up the guard office, watering the flowers and sweeping the sidewalks. What a guy - we'll miss seeing him.

Year 2007 in Review

* My biggest accomplishment this year was launching the FotoZon online photo galleries web site. It's hard to believe that it was only just this year in March when I re-registered the domain name and set up the web site. It's become a time-consuming but rewarding hobby. It's also one of the main reasons for starting up this blog.

* The second online accomplishment this year was the launch of the Taiwan Picture of the Day. It is doing pretty well and getting some great links, reviews and presentations. I've been steadily adding more features and increasing the distribution of this feature.

* Last week I got reviewed at my main employer and had to come up with a list of accomplishments for the year. I told them I had learned a lot of new skills including Javascript, CSS, php and facebook. Of course I didn't mention that most of them were for my own projects.

* Some general stuff that happened during the year:
- Our little daughter learned to walk in February and now she's learning to talk.
- Learned how (mostly how not to) invest in the stock market .
- Saw the president of Taiwan
- Went on a trip back to Seattle in July just in time to see fireworks
- Experienced Crazy Chinese New Year Traveling to North Taiwan
- Met a lot of new friends here in Taiwan.
- Rekindled my interest in photography.

Thanks for visiting and I leave you with a few of my favorite shots from the year:

Sweater Scooter 2
Sweater Scooter Near Tainan

Jiu Fen Market Taiwan
Jiu Fen Skinny Market Street

Ghost Money Show-Off
Ghost Month Burners

Lion and Budha
Giant Buddha near ChangHua

Jong Gan Road - Another Mitsukoshi shot
Taichung Night Shot

Bar Beer
Enough blogging! Time to go out and get plastered!

Take care - and we'll see you next year.

Joseph Gray


KG said...

You da man Joe! Happy New Years! Kepp on trucking in the new one!!! KG>

Emmanuel M Liu said...

njoylugreat blog man and very informative, i will be visiting my taiwan in march any suggestions?

Fotozon said...

Well, visiting Taiwan is a great thing to do... Make sure you visit the whole Island, and not just Taipei!