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Friday, January 18, 2008

Back from Japan

Kendo Well, we're back from Japan for a quick vacation in January for one week. We had an absolutely fabulous time! It's amazing to know that Japan is supposedly not experiencing the best economy now. Everything seemed to be fine, and it is a great country. There were so many well dressed Japanese running around in their suits so busy - it's hard to imagine they've been in a pro-longed economic slump over the past 17 years and were experiencing the lowest stock market in several years while we were there... TokyoHakone Yumomoto was so busy, and the countryside around Hakone was absolutely beautiful. We lucked out on the weather as it was raining when we arrived, and raining when we left, but sunny in between. Even though we only caught a misty view of Mt. Fuji, we had a great time especially while we were not shopping in Tokyo, and instead were enjoying the country-side and hot springs around Hakone.

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