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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feng Jia

Last weekend we spent some time walking around the Feng-Chia Night Market in Taichung, Taiwan on Saturday night. What a difference from our little night market in Yuanlin! We've been there before a few times, but this time we really worked our way through all the different alleys and bowels of the market. Of course it was packed and people were everywhere. Most of the vendors had lines at their stands waiting for delicious goodies. I sampled stinky tofu, sausages, ice cream and fried chicken salad. It was a great time. I dragged the camera along the whole time and it wasn't until I saw an old motorcycle carrying a load of propane tanks that I thought I had a decent shot. I had to hurry up though because the rider was coming back from his stop at the tea stand. Here are the pictures from the night.

Lots of people in line for snacks at Feng-Chia

Fried Chicken Salad Stand

Just an ordinary shot of an old motorcycle carrying Propane
tanks to fuel the night market friers

I decided to jazz up the shot a little bit by setting
up the tripod and doing a longer exposure.

Better be quick.. the rider comes back.