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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some Culture in Taichung

A while ago we took a trip to the Taichung Art Museum on Wu-Chuan Road. My son is into drawing so I figured he would enjoy the trip and he did. Besides the art hanging on the wall, there was an impressive amount of "Digital Art" which mostly consists of short movies and photos projected on the wall. My kid's favorite part of all was the "movable building" where you stand in front of a laser sensor and it automatically builds a building in approximately your shape on the giant projection screen complete with groaning creaking building sound effects. It was quite fun and we Overall it was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Outside the front of the museum is a large display of
jugs in a maze formation. They are all wired
and light up at night.

Inside the museum's main hall.

The red cube on the museum front lawn. In the
background, one of the many apartment buildings
under construction - is Taichung in a housing bubble?

Before or after wandering around the museum, enjoy lunch at one of the fancy restaurants across Wu-Chuan Road . This was the famous Greek Restaurant where I enjoyed an awesome "Cheese Salad" with bleu Cheese and Olives.. mmm

This picture is on the grounds outside the Taichung
Science Museum which is equally worth visiting. Note,
more buildings under construction in the background.

Thanks for stopping by, and this concludes the blogging post today on Taichung Museums. I leave you with a cute picture drawn by our young budding artist. Take Care!


Anonymous said...

"Digital Art" sounds interesting.
That drawing is really cute.

cfimages said...

Nice work. I've been to the grounds of the museum plenty of times but never inside. And one of the restaurants nearby does a great thin-crust pizza.