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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday ...

Flower Sign Array
Today is Saturday. All the kids and teachers are in school today because they missed going to school on Monday due to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on Tuesday. What kind of a vacation day is that when you have to make it up on Saturday anyway? Well, I've been pretty busy with my normal job programming in Cold Fusion, so not a lot to report on the Fotozon site. I did however make a calendar page for the archives of the Taiwan Picture of the Day page . I'm still working on the preview function, but it is pretty much all done.

I also recently created an RSS2.0 feed for the site. It was not too hard, and I even made sure it was validated using the Feed Validator service. Now, I will go ahead and post it to the Photo Bloggers .Org site. That's one of the main reasons I created the xml pages in the first place, because I could not add any of my pages to the index on that site unless there was an rss feed to go along with them. I'll go post it now and see how it goes.

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