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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back to the Zone

After finishing up some long over-due work for my normal day job, here I am back working on the Fotozon Web site . The weather is just awful this weekend with non-stop rain, sot it is a good chance to do some inside work anyways. Today, I added some code for other web sites to display a random picture on their pages. Here is an example of that code here:

FotoZon Random Image

Notice how the picture changes if you reload the page. Of course this isn't really new, but it is new for my site, and I plan to add a few more features like this for the site in general as well as for individual user pages. Why did I add this code? Well, it is actually for my newest web site which heavily depends on complete randomness... I will not give out the URL until it is at least semi-ready for public viewing.

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