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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Posting Photos

Funny Rich Man Village SignPosting photos on Flickr is a lot of fun. What makes it fun is the feedback you get from other users that tells you you people are interested and looking at your stuff. It sort of galls me sometimes though that when I try to take a real nice looking picture of scenery or something and it sort of just sits there! On the other hand, posts involving funny English signs are practically an instant hit! I guess it all depends on the group you put them in. Posts to the "Flickr Taiwan" group are quickly buried among the dozens of other pictures put there every day. Posts to the "Chinglish" and "Engrish" groups apparently have some dedicated followers that actually visit the groups and look at the pictures.

Beautiful AND Breakfast Shop in Taiwan
I sort of feel bad sometimes poking fun at the signs and funny sayings - but it's all in good fun. Lord knows, I've never tried to make any signs in Chinese, and if I did, I'm sure the results would be hilarious!

All for now... my day job is calling me.

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Fotozon said...

As an update on this article, this picture already has almost 400 views! "384 times (Not including you)"

The only way to get more popular is probably to start posting some "girl" photos...