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Friday, October 5, 2007

We Cracked a Million!

New OfficeNo, I'm not a millionaire, not even close! . . . In fact it's probably even pathetic to point this out, however here goes... We cracked a million in our FotoZon.com Alexa Ranking! Now this Alexa rating tool is fairly accurate for the top web sites, but it is becoming less and less important for the rest of us because fewer people are using the "Alexa Toolbar" than ever these days. I suspect the only reason our site is even doing ok there is because of a few heavy FotoZon users that happened to install the toolbar.

Google Page Rank has become the new de-facto king of rating, however it hasDitch Prettier Side recently taken a very long time to update their ranking according to this Google Page Rank History. Now, it doesn't really mean diddly squat to the normal web surfer, and even I only like to look at it once and a while just for fun.

I won't have much to report this weekend because of the double birthdays of my oldest son, and also my wife on Saturday and Sunday. All for now - the Typhoon is coming!

*** Update on 10/27/2007 - Google finally updated their Tool Bar Page Rank and I'm happy to report that the main Fotozon.com pages went from zero up to 3 or 4 .


Anonymous said...

That's a very nice looking working environment mate!


Fotozon said...

Yeah it wasn't too bad, but it kind of sucks to work on vacation! It was funny though, because we stayed the first night at this nice villa complete with bar, hot tub, BBQ area and TV room. However, it was in the country side and the ants were everywhere. The group we were with decided they wanted to stay in the slightly fancier rooms next to the highway. Since the internet service was not working at the "fancy" place, I drove back in the morning first thing to work a few hours at the villa since nobody was staying there the next night. Yeah, not too bad, but hot in Southern Taiwan. By about 10 am, it was unbearable. I did get a lot of work done though in the peace and quiet of the country morning away from the group!

Anonymous said...

It's an abstract for me now when you say the heat was unbearable. Autumn has arrived to Poland already a while ago and it's getting really chilly lately. They say winter will be tough so i'm upset. I miss TW.


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