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Monday, November 5, 2007

Jong Shin Village Trip - 中興新村

Jong Shin Scooter Ballons TwoIn keeping with Today's Selection of Scooter Balloons for Taiwan Picture of the Day I have dedicated this entry to the trip to the Jong Shin Village in Nantou County, Taiwan. To get there is an easy exit from Freeway #3 just south of Taichung and slightly north of Nantou.

Jong Shin Village Gate
The Gate welcomes you to Jong Shin Village

Jong Shin Village Tree Lined Street
This tree lined street is not something you would excpect to see in Taiwan.

Jong Shin Village Houses
Houses on cute little streets complete with front yards and hedges.

Winding Path
The paths, fields and parks here are quite impressive.

Kids Park
Kids enjoy playing in this park with a sand pit, maze and lots of other kid activities.

Toy Seller
She will gladly sell you some scooops, trucks and shovels for the sand-pit.

The village and the parks are quite established with many old trees and lots of roots.

All Da BusThank you for visiting and you can find all my pictures of the Jong-Shin Village 中興新村 here


Todd said...

It's a great little place! I'll be moving there next year, I can't stand the big city anymore.

twnathan-台灣奶神 said...

Hi There,
Did you create Fotozon.com?
Or Fotozon.com is just a product of Flickr?

Thank in advance.

Naruwan said...

Isn't that where James Soong'ruled his little provincial government kingdom from before that was done away with? May be wrong there, often am!

Fotozon said...

Todd, Really? Are you joking... That sounds good. Indeed it is a peaceful little village. It reminds me of the typical tree lined old neighbor-hood streets in USA. Good luck!

Fotozon said...

twnathan-台灣奶神 Indeed I am the creator and owner of fotozon. It is my web site, and not a part of Flickr.

Naruwan - I'm not sure... I'm pretty lazy at knowing history stuff.

Thanks all for the comments! I think this is the most so far.