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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ghost Month in Taichung

Burning Money
I had quite a wonderful time in Taichung taking some pictures of the Ghost Money burning during the ghost month of August~September. This particular shot is outside a KTV in Taichung, very near the Mitsukoshi Department store. If you notice a trend of a lot of pictures near the department store, it is no coincidence -- My Wife loves shopping!! Still, I had a great time with these guys and gals outside the KTV. There was even Ice Cream Served!

It always feels funny to me that the weather outside is sweltering hot, yet there are rows of burning ghost money all over the place. It makes the air even hotter and that much more unbearable. Check out this nice shot of the folks outside the KTV while they were packing up the Ghost Money:

Preparing Ghost Money Yeah
Ghost Money Burners

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