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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fan Cleaning Day

Fan Cleaning Day!

It's fan cleaning day... Just as an example of how dirty the air can be over here in Taiwan, check out our fan! The dust and junk collects during the hot months due to the constant blowing of the fan during the hot months...

This has got to be the most boring post ever, so I will keep it short... notice the picture to the left with my reflection in the fan..

Every 2 or 3 months, I gather up all the fans in the house and unscrew them apart in order to clean all the inside parts and the grill to remove the dust. My wife has to sweep and mop the floor every few days. It's just the price you pay living in Taiwan.

End of most boring post ever... Next, I will post some exciting new developments in the Foto Zone web site for further customization of the photo viewing pages

The Fan in all its glorious filth.

After the fan was clean, I put it on a black T-shirt and snapped this picture.

All for now! End of most boring post ever...

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