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Friday, September 21, 2007

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I got Featured!

I'm a featured photographer on the Taiwan Photographer's Blog! If you haven't visited the site yet, go check it out and you will also see some other great photographers living in Taiwan - some of whom even take better pictures than I do ..

I've also published an article on the English in Taiwan Web Site about Shopping in Taiwan. If you haven't read this one either, go check it out too. It was sort of like a college term paper in which I actually did real research and took a bunch of pictures just for the article. I made a special black and white faded header for the story that did not get used, so I'm currently sporting it here on the FotoZon Blog. A special note of thanks to this web site for their early inclusion of my site on their Taiwan Business Partner Links page.

Another article is to be published soon on taiwan.com.au - Australia and Taiwan Web Site about the Taiwan Photo of the Day. The editor of the web site sent a wonderful list of questions about my web site and future plans that made me dig deep for the answers and think about the long range goals of my web site and what it stands for. As soon as I have the link of the published story, I'll publish it here.

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