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Thursday, September 20, 2007

We Got Frames

I've noticed a lot of photographers like to use frames to show off their images and enhance them somewhat. They can be added to the image inside photo-shop or other image editing software.

In order to make FotoZon photo viewing pages even better, I added the option to add frames to all the pictures in the photo albums. There are three layers of frames, inner, middle and outer for those special effects. Eventually I'll use images for frames too. I also finished a cool little JavaScript control page to set up the frame options and see the results right away.. So if you want to use pink or whatever other color you like, you're all set!

Check it out on the Fotozon Members Foto View Configuration Page or if you haven't joined to create your own customized photo albums, now's a better time than ever. Recently I was re-organizing some of my family pictures because I discovered more on another camera and I found out what a lot of work it is with the little arrows so I finished an organization script that lets you move the pictures around in the arrangement you want, so there's no more messing around with the arrows.

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