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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Owie Mommy!


It sure is tough getting old! Ok, I'm only in the mid-thirties, but I found out the hard way I should be more careful running around with the teenagers and 20 somethings playing basketball... Going for the ball almost at the curb, I stopped short and the ankle bent as the basketball shoes sucked themselves to the pavement. Unfortunately it bent much farther over than every before. Usually I can just walk off the sprains within a few minutes and maybe just quit for the day. But this one was different. The pain was intense, I laid sprawled out on the grass while one of the other players ran to the convenience store to buy a bag of ice.. Thanks very much to him, he also gave me a ride home later.

Laid Up
One thing about the health-care in Taiwan. While it can be a little dis-organized at times, it will not cost you an arm an a leg. The co-payment for x-rays, a hard formed splint, re-treatment, and anti-swelling pills alternates from 50NT to 100NT ( about $1.50 to $3.00 USD ) Noting this, I'm not afraid to go visit the doctor, and I think in this case it was definitely worth it. I usually shun doctors because of their ultra-high costs in US. It would be tough to swallow the cost of insurance as an independent contractor over there. Usually for a family of 4, it can be about $1,000 USD per month!

Well, having said all this, I think I will investigate another sport... Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Walking, you know, stuff for older people.. like myself. I will end on a positive note with a picture from our recent trip to Kenting in Southern Taiwan:

Boat Trip

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